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This unused grommet on our JK SPIDERWEBSHADE Shade Tops is included as a convenience to JK owners. In 2009, Jeep shifted the placement of the front-middle footmans loop to the left roughly 1.5″. Our JK SPIDERWEBSHADE Shade Tops feature two front-middle footmans loop grommets so that the top can  be installed on any JK – both pre-2009 and post-2009. If your JK is a 2007 or 2008 model, install your SPIDERWEBSHADE using the grommet directly in the front center of the top. If your JK is a 2009 or later model, install your SPIDERWEBSHADE using the grommet closer to the driver’s side.

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, we are able to process a return with a refund of the price of the SPIDERWEBSHADE. However, we will only be able to complete this if the product is returned within two weeks of its purchase and no damage has been done to the SPIDERWEBSHADE. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@spiderwebshade with any questions about the return process.

To see more examples of how Jeeps look with a SPIDERWEBSHADE installed, please look at our page on Facebook. Our customers regularly share pictures of their SPIDERWEBSHADE configurations with us through our page and it is a great place to see all the different ways a SPIDERWEBSHADE can be set up and used.

Please see our SPIDERWEBSHADE Compatibility Chart in order to determine which product would work best with your Jeep.

No. The SPIDERWEBSHADE is designed to be left on at all times. Once installed, it will not interfere with your Jeep’s factory tops and they can be put up on top of the SPIDERWEBSHADE.

If you are facing this problem or a similar problem there is a simple solution. In order to get the grommets to line up, just release pressure in the shade by unfastening some of the SpiderBalls in the front and rear of your Jeep. This should allow you to position the Shade so that the Freedom top bolts can be inserted through the SPIDERWEBSHADE grommets. Then simply refasten the SpiderBalls that were unhooked in order to keep the SPIDERWEBSHADE taut.

We are able to make custom orders to fit most Jeeps. In order to do this we will need either a Visqueen or cardboard template which outlines your Jeep’s dimensions. This template can be sent to us (along with any other necessary information) at:

4605 LB McLeod Ste 400
Orlando, FL 32811

All custom orders are double the price of the stock SPIDERWEBSHADE model that they most closely correspond to.

Absolutely. Additional SpiderBalls can be purchased inexpensively on our Products page here.

Each SPIDERWEBSHADE model should be installed with the small patch reading SPIDERWEBSHADE.COM towards the rear of the Jeep.

We do not include installation instructions with the SPIDERWEBSHADE because every Jeep is different and we believe owners should be free to configure their SPIDERWEBSHADE in any manner they see fit. However, if you would like basic instructions, you can view our installation instruction videos found on our JK4D and JKini product pages which provide useful hints and tips for all of our Shade Top products.

Our website features a fully-integrated shopping cart system so that you can easily purchase your SPIDERWEBSHADE directly from our product pages using all major credit cards.

In addition, we are also able to process orders through PayPal for any customers with that preference. To purchase using PayPal, simply add the desired product to your cart and proceed to your cart for checkout. On the cart screen click on the button to checkout using PayPal and complete your purchase.

Any special concerns or information can be relayed to us through an email to info@spiderwebshade. Please be sure to include the name and email address under which the order was placed. We can also be reached by phone at 321.251.7258.

In addition, any customers using PayPal to purchase their SPIDERWEBSHADE can alert us to specific information during the PayPal purchasing process.

Please consult our shipping chart below to determine how long it will take your order to reach you. Please note, however, that these shipping times are only estimates and not guaranteed.

Destination Shipping Time
Southeast United States 2 business days
Northeast United States 3 business days
Midwest United States 3 business days
Southwest United States 3 business days
Western United States 3-4 business days
Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico 4-7 business days
All Other Foreign Destinations 7-10 business days

Each order will have a shipping charge of $11.99 in order to cover shipping to domestic locations. For international orders, shipping charges will be adjusted once the order has been placed as international shipping prices vary by country.

We ship all SPIDERWEBSHADE products through UPS and USPS so that each order being shipped domestically will reach its destination in 2-3 days.